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I love photography. I love capturing memories.
Far before a camera snapped it's first image of a beautiful woman in her "Boudoir" There were artist's that did the same with paint and canvas. And they have been doing it for well over 100 tears.
I also love to help others, it's who I am at my Core, even at a young age. So why Boudoir? I guess I'd say because it gives me the opportunity to help women come out of their Comfort zone and let their inner AND outer beauty show together, No Matter the reason why. Sure Boudoir isn't for everyone, and I let my client decide what level of nudity is bared. Having had body image issues myself almost this whole life, it is my number one goal to give each and every woman that enters my studio the most confidence in herself that she has EVER had. and look at her images in happy disbelief when se sees them for the first time. The Wow factor...
So come in ladies, let's plan your dream Session.
So I would like to thank my own Husband, without him, none of this is possible! I love you James... and I know there is not enough trips left around the sun to show you just how much. Or how grateful I am that God brought me back to you!! xoxo